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Our place is your space

Welcome to FEGO UK…our place is your space! We trace our roots in the UK back to 2002, beginning with our first venue in Sunningdale and growing incrementally to eight sites today with a ninth just around the corner.

We invite you to use it any way you like, so come by any day, any time, on your own or with family, colleagues or friends. Bring your laptop, bring your buggy, bring a board game if you like. We don’t believe in rules.

No one will hassle you if you’d like to spend two hours over a coffee. We also won’t tell you that you can’t have eggs for dinner, or a steak for breakfast. You can order what you want, when you like it. Anything goes. We want you to feel at home.

We may have a uniquely South African influence throughout the group but our cuisine is of no fixed abode! We haven’t sat behind a desk and trawled through cookery books or consulted with a well-known search engine to create our menu, we have traversed the globe experiencing street food in Asia, a ‘smoko’​ down-under and cafe culture on the continent to create a diverse menu of food & drink that we want to consume and what we believe our guests will enjoy!

We strive to immerse ourselves within each local community that we operate and don’t conform to the ‘norm’​ perceptions of a ‘chain’​. Each FEGO has its own individually quaint qualities where our FEGO family teams are given autonomy over their venues!

Our restaurant locations….. Ascot, Banstead, Beaconsfield, Cobham, Gerrards Cross, Marlow, Sunningdale, & St. John’s Wood.

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