Alternative M*lk? No Alternative Charge!

This month, we’re taking steps to make alternative m*lks more readily available and accessible in all our restaurants & cafés. Here’s how we’re accommodating healthier living and dietary requirements at Fego…

We pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome at Fego. Whether you’re gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, health driven or a passionate vegan, there’s a place for all in all our venues, which is why, as of March 2019, we’re eliminating any additional charges on the alternative m*lks used in all our coffees with our ‘Alternative m*lk? No alternative charge!’ initiative.

“We consider ourselves to be London cafés outside of London, taking that scene into the home counties,” says our head of marketing and experiences, Heath.

“Following on from the inner-city cafés of Bath, Brighton and London, we’ve decided to take away the charge for alternative m*lks, in addition to introducing Oatly to our line-up, whilst sourcing the best soy and almond alternatives, and training our baristas in using alternative m*lks in our coffees.”

The inspiration behind this new move stems from three angles: health benefits, dietary requirements and environmental impact. Indeed, our health conscious guests in particular remain at the forefront of our outlook; with one in three Brits reported to regularly buy plant-based m*lks, its increasing popularity is showing no signs of slowing in the UK. “The wave of momentum around plant-based products is definitely growing” continues Heath.

Rolling out groupwide, the offering was largely called for by our own team. Indeed, the Fego baristas themselves have been instrumental in getting the ball rolling, listening to guest feedback and implementing the changes they want to see made.

“The baristas are the ones who’ve been pushing for the change, which ties in very well with our ethos of making people feel welcome, and our menus being very adaptable. We want this offer to be genuine, and to enable our guests to make their own choices.”

And with a fantastic brand like Oatly on board, whose mission is ‘to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy’, we couldn’t ask for a better partner to help kick off this exciting new chapter in Fego’s own journey.

“Incredibly, Oatly doesn’t alter the taste of our artisanal coffee too much, relative to other alternatives available on the wider market. It is a premium product which aligns further with our dedication to sourcing the best products available ” confirms Heath. “When it comes to training, it’s the same product that our coffee suppliers Climpson & Sons use, so our talented teams are very much immersing themselves in the world of alternative m*lks through their expert guidance.

To find out more about our use of alternative m*lks, check out our menus above!☕️🌱🥛

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