Fego x Climpson & Sons

Why we work closely with Climpson & Sons to ensure optimum traceability

Now more than ever, coffee drinkers nationwide are interested in the origin, provenance and sustainability of what they’re buying. For businesses like Fego, this means the backstory of each blend must be traceable from bean to brew – something Climpson & Sons know a thing or two about.

As pioneers of London’s evolving specialty coffee scene, the artisan company was founded by owner Ian Burgess, and has been ‘roasting in Hackney since 2002’. Supplying restaurants, cafés, hotels and everything in between all over the UK and Europe, their relationship with our brand began in 2016, and we haven’t looked back.

“Both companies have a similar ethos in terms of community and neighbourhood being at the heart of what we do,” says sales and account manager Laura Bradbury. “We’re known for where we are and where we started, and Fego are very similar. We like working with people who have the same understanding, and see their business in the same way.”

This synergy spans not only an emphasis on location, but also the expertise and education that goes into giving consumers a truly memorable experience.

“Fego have a knack for doing the high-quality product that appeals to their customers justice, which is always something we look for in our customers,” Laura continues. “They’re passionate about the product we’re offering, and want to work with us to achieve the best results.”

Collaborating with our baristas, Climpson ensure that the Fego team understand the backstory of every bean that’s brewed. In turn, our staff translate this narrative to our customers, putting education front and centre to provide more of an insight behind the counter.

“We like to inspire the baristas we work with to really understand our product,” explains Laura. “It brings down a barrier, and is the final link between baristas and consumers. It’s about being able to educate people in a way that’s approachable, without any pretence or arrogance.”

Part of this experience is about where the coffee comes from. Fego’s bespoke roast is produced by Daterra Coffee in Brazil, who were recently named the most sustainable coffee farm by the Rainforest Alliance, and whose emphasis on sustainable agriculture has produced ‘coffee that is truly green’.

“We source coffee from all over the world, mainly in Africa and Central and South America,” Laura adds. “It’s a seasonal product, so the coffees change throughout the year and have different flavour profiles. There are 2,000 hours of work that go into a single cup of coffee before it’s served to the customer, most of which is done back at origin, before the coffee even gets to us.”

As consumers become increasingly conscious of where their coffee comes from, both Fego and Climpson continue to adhere to and uphold the ethical values of sustainable sourcing and traceability. And with independent artisan coffee culture on the rise, it’s safe to say that this is a partnership that will only grow stronger with time.

“The specialty coffee industry is definitely a booming one, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon,” concludes Laura. “I think we’ll become even more aware about what we consume and buy into.

“We want to shout about the producers and farmers, because they’re incredible and produce incredible coffee year on year. Fego are great at representing not only us as a company or themselves, but also the coffee and where it comes from. We’re very lucky to be able to work with the people that we do.”

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