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We were recently joined by the lovely Kat and Val from The Health Boost to sample and taste our delicious new ‘Clean Eating’ menu at Fego. Kat, a nutritional therapist, and Val, a personal trainer, believe passionately in the power of eating well and staying active to aid overall health.

They wrote a brilliant article about a few of our dishes on our ‘Clean Eating’ menu. Here’s a snippet of it here!

Vanilla & Coconut Quinoa Porridge:

This dish is both gluten and dairy free and so a great option for those with allergies and intolerances. Quinoa is rich in amino acids and is a good protein source for vegetarians and vegans. Quinoa is also rich in magnesium. As you will know from a previous blog on magnesium I’m bit obsessed with making sure everyone tops up their magnesium. It’s an important mineral as it’s responsible for 300 reactions in the body and often gets depleted.

This breakfast is also cooked in coconut milk. The health benefits of coconut are due to the lauric acid. The only other abundant source of lauric acid is human breast milk. In the body lauric acid is converted to monolauriun – which is anti viral, anti bacterial and destroys a wide variety of disease-causing organisms.

Tuna & Salmon Poke Bowl:

In this dish Fego use brown rice rather than the traditional white rice. This is a much better alternative as it avoids the blood sugar spike and then inevitable fall. The salmon and tuna in this bowl provide plenty of omega 3 fats. Omega 3 fats have a wide variety of health benefits – most touted is for heart health, but they are also important to help cancer prevention, depression, diabetes and high blood pressure. We should be aiming for 3 portions of oily fish a week. The best fish to consume are salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and herrings as these contain the highest amounts of omega 3 fats.

Chicken Broth Soup:

If you are ever feeling like you are coming down with a cold then this is the option for you. We have lost the tradition of making stock every week like our grandmothers and great-grandmothers – but I think we are missing a trick. At Fego they make the broth using the whole chicken and then serve the chicken in the broth. The broth is excellent if you suffer from digestive problems and it will help to heal a damaged gut lining. It’s also rich in gelatine and collagen so great for joints and wrinkles. Chicken broth is also very rich in minerals in a form that the body can easily absorb.

Check out the full article for more nutritional advice and recipe inspiration!

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