An Interview with Rebecca Hirst of ‘Glorious Wellness’

Rebecca Hirst, founder of Glorious Wellness is a nutrition expert, health coach and Tedx speaker. Her clients tell her that she’s brilliant at transforming their energy, brain power and getting them feeling fabulous. Real world advice on how to feel gloriously well whilst juggling a million other things is her forte. Rebecca’s famous for having down-to-earth approach to wellness that doesn’t require fuss, fads or the latest ‘superfood.’

She has previously joined us, along with Lynne Meek of ‘Styling Matters’ for a workshop. We asked her to answer a few questions for us to give you a little taster of the talk…

Can you explain to us what the 80/20 balance means? 

I’m a big fan of real world wellness. I recommend eating natural, unprocessed, colourful, real food 80% of the time. AND allowing yourself some flex and freedom to enjoy a few indulgences each week. For me, that might be a few glasses of wine or some salty crisps. I definitely have a savoury tooth not a sweet one, but we’re all different.

Do you have a top skin product that you recommend to your clients?

I’m a big fan of keeping skincare simple. After years of acne and eczema, I know that our skin doesn’t like to be interfered with too much. Some of my favourite skincare brands are Neal’s Yard Remedies, Pai and Aurelia. All beautiful British brands that pioneer natural skincare.

How do you overcome cravings for food that will have a negative effect on your body? 

Million-dollar question! Keep your food as natural and nutritious as possible. The kind of unfussy foods your grandma would recognise like veggies, fruit, eggs, meat, fish, nuts, seeds. If you’re well-nourished and well hydrated, this helps keep cravings under control.

What are the top three foods you would recommend including in your diet?  

Green veggies first – we all need more green!

Colourful veggies – a rainbow of them each day.

Good quality protein – quality over quantity every time.

Do you recommend supplements in addition to a healthy diet or can you get all the nourishment that you need by eating well?

It totally depends on each person’s needs. My first step is always to help a client to get good quality nutrition from the food they eat and to make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

To cap it off in Rebecca’s words, it was… ‘Be Freaking Glorious.’

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