What is a ‘Braai’?

Across the year we will be hosting a traditional South African Braai at Fego.

A Braai is the South African equivalent of an English BBQ but with a rich cultural history and significance. Craig, Head Chef of our newest Fego, Beaconsfield and a native South African, has answered a few questions on the Braai for us.

  • What does a Braai mean to you?

 A Braai for me has a very sentimental meaning, it brings me together with my friends and family and gives me the chance to spend some quality time with them away from the stresses of everyday life. It is an opportunity catch up with people without the distractions of technology or the outside world.

  • What are your favourite meats to eat from the Braai? Or salads/accompaniments that you enjoy?

I love boerewors on a braai, but other meats such as steaks and honey rashers are great too! Personally, I love a good potato salad and braai’d garlic bread as well as simple green salad as accompaniments.

  • How does a Braai differ to the English BBQ?

The difference is that we make a big deal of it and make it an event rather than just cooking. The focus is on the food and how it is cooked and the Braai itself becomes the focal point. The smell of the coal and cooking meat is very enticing and get the social mood moving. We don’t use gas and we put loads of different items on the Braai so it all about knowing what takes longer to cook and what needs hot coals and what needs cooler ones. The ‘Braai Master’ is how we describe the person who cooks all of the food.

  • What drinks do people enjoy at Braai in South Africa?

This differs from person to person, however common drinks are South African beers such as Castle, Castle Light & Savannah. Alternatives are wine, spirits with mixers like rum, brandy, whiskey. They must be served cold so a large amount of ice is always essential!

  • Do you think that the culture of Braai’s has evolved over time?

Yes, I feel that all the traditions are there, and all the standard Braai themes still stand, however it has evolved to be more modern and appeal to the younger generation. The food offering has moved forward to be more creative with a wider offering. I believe it will continue to evolve and remain a staple of South African culture.

Hopefully this will serve as a little taster for what to expect at our Braai’s, You can find all the relevant information and RSVP on our events page when announced. Please do join us for a family friendly day of great food and company!

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