An interview with Lynne Meek from ‘Styling Matters’

Lynne Meek of ‘Styling Matters’ is an experienced personal stylist and image consultant based in Tunbridge Wells with clients in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. She has worked with hundreds of men and women of all ages, sizes, shapes and personalities, solving a variety of wardrobe problems in a practical, fun, educational and uplifting way.

Lynne and Rebecca Hirst from Glorious Wellness have previously been guest speakers at Fego and operated their workshop on ‘How to Look and Feel Glorious’, touching on topics such as nutrition, wellness, styling and sharing their advice on how to feel fantastic, inside and out.

We asked Lynne a couple of questions as a prelude to this event, to find out a little bit more about her highly successful business ‘Styling Matters’ and to get a taster of what she will share with us on the day!

  1. How did you get into styling?

For many years I combined motherhood with a full time career in the corporate world.  When my sons were nearing adulthood I knew it was time to do something that I felt passionate about, and an opportunity arose to become a partner in a local fashion boutique. The two years I spent there, combined with my business background, acted as a perfect stepping stone and gave me all the skills, confidence and network I needed to launch my personal styling business.  Five years on I couldn’t be happier with how my business has grown and developed.

  1. What are the three must have pieces for every woman’s wardrobe?

Women can have such differing needs from her wardrobe. But I would say that a flattering pair of jeans, a comfortable but stylish pair of ankle boots and a gorgeous jacket would come pretty high in the list of ‘must haves’.

  1. Are there any cardinal style sins that you would never condone? 

Wearing clothes are too short, too young, too dated, too grubby, too tight. Need I carry on?!

  1. How much does budget factor in styling?

As we get older I think that quality can speak volumes and gives a great first impression. If you wear top to toe clothing from a supermarket you’re not going to look or feel your best. My best tip is to spend most money on a few key items you’ll wear time and time again. Then the bulk of your wardrobe should be purchased from the best brands within your budget. And finally you can add in a few fun fashion pieces from cheaper high street chains. For instance today I’m wearing a Zara jacket, an inexpensive teeshirt from an independent local boutique, Whistles trousers, and Chloe boots – a real mix of high street and designer.

  1. Do you have a top tip for someone who might want to develop a personal style? 

The most stylish woman is the one wearing clothes that completely suit her colouring, shape, style and personality.  She will look and feel confident and true to herself. The biggest mistake I see is where people have been influenced by seeing someone else wearing something.  When that person is very different to them, it can be a disaster waiting to happen!

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