Fego Nights at Banstead & Beaconsfield

Music, Art and Cocktails come together to create Fego Nights; a bar space that defies all the rules and caters for all. Fego Nights at Banstead & Beaconsfield is an exploration of culture; a dynamic bar space open till late Friday – Saturday and with the same ‘anything goes’ policy as our approach to food and hospitality. We have designed a flexible space that offers an environment to work, brainstorm, meet fellow entrepreneurs and creatives or just be.

Inspired by the London cocktail scene where creativity and attention to detail is fanatical and bartenders are craftsman; Average doesn’t cut it and the quest for better, fresher and higher quality ingredients is never ceases. At Fego, we strive to be the best at everything we do which is why we have worked with some amazing industry professionals to develop an extensive beverage offering. Craft beer, fine wine and signature cocktails (along with all of the classics!) have been specially chosen and developed for our guests, to provide the best possible experience.

The bars are stocked with over 10 brands of gin, each with their own unique botanical taste notes and a vast array of origins. Our signature cocktails are made with the best locally sourced spirits and ingredients, inspired by our travels and quest for marriage of flavour. Our wine list has been carefully developed by sommeliers and our barmen are passionate, skilled and full of knowledge. For quiet beer after work, a couple of cocktails with friends or an aperitivo before dinner Fego Nights has it all; redefining limits and gifting Fego with fine craft beverages and great vibes.

Rules don’t exist at Fego and our space is yours to own. We invite you to use our places as you see fit, a casual and relaxed venue suited to your needs. The space is designed for you, and our team of expert bartenders are here to serve you whatever you fancy.

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