Fego’s Top Five Instagram Tips

Fego’s top five tips for mastering instagram


Recently we had the absolute pleasure of hosting the very talented; Matt Inwood, an art director, cookbook designer and instagram guru for his fabulous ‘Instagram Masterclass’. Matt has built an impressive following with his foodie photography over the years all shot on the iphone. As a result he has become an Instagram master and shares his well earned knowledge and skills in workshops across the country. Matt has a wealth of knowledge and experience of photography and the inner workings of instagram – so much so that some seasoned instagramers were surprised by the features he demonstrated! We wanted to share with you, the top five tips that we learned from Matt’s workshop;



  • Content is Key – Filters, editing, hashtags and following aside, to build a great Instagram you must focus on the content you are publishing. It must be relevant, engaging and consistent with your brand or personal style. Consider your target audience and what you are trying to achieve from each post.
  • Natural Light – This may be the most blaringly obvious concept for anyone who’s dabbled in photography but for many instagrammers who are novices, lighting may not have been an obvious factor to consider. If you want to get an idea of how much natural light can affect your image, try photographing the same dish inside in an artificially lit area compared to by a window or outside in the garden. See the difference? Especially relevant to photographing food, natural light is imperative as artificial light will give a tinted hue and could make the dish look unrealistic and unappetising. Change the position (if possible) of the object you are trying to capture to see where you get the best light. A table near a window letting in natural light is ideal as outside you may have glare from direct sunlight that will wash out your image.
  • The Secrets of Hashtags – Once you have some mastered great content – you want people to see it. But you don’t want to pile on the hashtags and look needy or turn people off reading your captions. Matt suggests choosing only captions relevant to the photograph you are currently posting, rather than your account in general. He also says that you should use a mix of widely used hashtags and less popular ones as you are far more likely to be seen on a tag with only 3000 users rather than one with 101,000 where content is very quickly replaced and therefore rarely noticed. You should add your hashtags in a comment below the photo you have uploaded, meaning that they are less apparent to those who your content reaches and can later be deleted if you want.
  • Filters are overrated – We all know and have used the filters on Instagram. They are designed to make average pictures look professional by giving a one click preset edit so that they can be quickly uploaded. Many of you might not have even noticed the ‘edit’ bar on the same screen but if you click onto it you will find a multitude of features that enable you to edit your pictures far more precisely than the preset filters. Brightness, structure, highlights and contrast are but a few factors that you can manipulate to enhance your images. Matt says that he spends far more time editing his content than he does taking it, so that gives you some idea of how much time and energy should go into the editing of your photo’s.
  • Details Matter – Most successful Instagram accounts look as though the images have been snapped off-cuff and are designed to look so – but the reality is very different. You need to consider every detail of what you are trying to capture and the scene around it to achieve good results. Think about lighting, smudges, crumbs, shadows and background clutter. Really look at what you are trying to photograph and assess what might not be so photographic that will also be in your frame. For example, if we are trying to capture a delicious dish in a restaurant, we might want to move the menu, cutlery, condiments away from the shot so that the focus is on the dish and the image looks cleaner.



We hope that you enjoyed reading these top Instagram tips and thank you to Matt Inwood again for his time and willingness to let us in on the world of Instagram mastery. If you would be interested in attending one of these future workshops, and we strongly advise them for any aspirational foodie bloggers or photographers, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @fegoUK to hear when we set further dates. We would love some feedback so do get in contact however you like and let us know your thoughts.


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