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If you have visited our Banstead store you might know that we offer filter coffee alongside espresso and milk based drink options. Filter coffee. For many this will conjure images of stale, luke-warm brown liquid sitting in the bottom of a retro serving jug – the poor quality cheap option. For years, this was what you would often find in hotels, cheap diners, restaurants and anywhere that didnt want the expense of an espresso machine on their hands. As a result, filter coffee’s reputation has suffered and people will rarely choose it over espresso – which is a shame. At Fego we want to show you how good filter coffee can be!


Nearly a year ago we made some big changes to Fego, one of which was our coffee supplier. We wanted our coffee to match the ethos that we strive to achieve with our food and brand in general; artisanal, great quality, fresh and innovative. This is how we came to know Climpson and Sons, a small independent roastery in the heart of Hackney, East London, sourcing only the best speciality grade coffee. It is roasted by experts in the field in small batches on a Loring smart roaster – the newest technology in coffee roasting. Climpson’s quest for understanding the science of flavour and maintaining such high standards in their practices is inspiring and something we admire so much at Fego.


Coffee, much like wine, has huge variances in quality, flavour and characteristics depending on how and where it is grown. In order to be graded speciality, a coffee must score over 80 out of 100 by a qualified Q-grader (a sensory expert with a highly developed palate). Climpson and Sons only work with coffee’s in this category; the best of the best! They also source directly, developing long standing relationships with farmers, which provides them with financial stability and also enables improvement in quality through communication. We have full traceability with all coffees we use and even know the name of the farmer/s that produced it and the altitude it was grown at!


So, Climpson and Sons provide us with an amazing single origin espresso from Brazil, think flavour profiles of pecans, marzipan, orange peel and dark chocolate in a cup. We love it and if you haven’t already tried it then we really think you should. But they also taught us that speciality coffee has redefined Filter coffee and this was actually the favoured way for coffee to be enjoyed in the industry. Here’s why;


  • A barista has so much more control and variable factors to manipulate in filter coffee, brewing good filter is a real skill and demands so much more involvement.
  • There is science behind coffee, including correct ratios to achieve balance and optimum strength. Espresso is the right ratio of coffee and water, if you add more water to an espresso to create an ‘Americano’ or ‘Long Black’, you are essentially watering down your coffee.
  • Filter coffee is the correct ratio of water to coffee designed to be drunk just so.
  • You can roast much lighter and achieve better balance in the cup for filter coffee.
  • Filter is the perfect way to experience flavours and variances between coffees depending on origin, process, varietal and roast profile.
  • In roasting lighter and not using pressure as with espresso, to brew your coffee, you can achieve a much sweeter flavour and smoother mouthfeel without harsh, sour or bitter notes that are common when mixing espresso with water.
  • ‘Cupping’ – the industry standard method of tasting and comparing coffees, is very similar to filter in the way that it is brewed.


At Fego, we use Climpson and Sons fresh seasonal crop single origin coffees to brew our filter and work on developing recipes to achieve optimum balance and sweetness in the cup. We can always tell you exactly where the coffee has come from and taste notes to expect and it is always fresh and served at the optimum temperature! Next time you’re in Fego Banstead, ask to try our filter and our team would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have regarding the coffee we are currently using to brew.



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